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Kaveh Rasoulichizari

Hochschule für Künste Bremen, 2018

Poster Design

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The aim of this project named “Going Abroad ( Insomnia )” is making an atmosphere and transmit its sense to an observer who has experienced living outside its country birth or has seen a person with the same experience in order to answer his or her questions about going abroad.This project contains two steps:


1- A short film (to gather a series of images with the personal vision of the people who have experienced immigration (going abroad) within the platform of the filmmaker).


2- An installation: An exhibition including stationary frames of the mentioned people describing their experience of immigration (going abroad). This installation has been made with the kind help of Iranians who are living abroad or within their home country. The installation will consist of a number of monitors. Each monitor stands for a person from Iran living abroad and telling us about his or her experiences, motivation, feelings.

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