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Prototype book for kids (about Coronavirus (COVID-19))

Children play an important role in society. They are struggling with their fears and anxieties these days because they have no idea about viruses and recent happens. To make it easier these days, we can let them know. The best way is to tell a story. Prototype book tells a story with animations. There is some Interaction for more entertainment and understandable for kids. In my opinion, this method not only helps children to better understand the situation but also leads to the formation of a relationship and cooperation with parents. This book has the main character call Dotorona.


Prof. Tanja Diezmann

University of the Arts Bremen (Hochschule für Künste Bremen)


Music Reference:

Screen Shot 1399-04-16 at 10.28.55
Screen Shot 1399-04-16 at 10.29.39
Screen Shot 1399-04-16 at 10.29.18
Screen Shot 1399-04-16 at 10.30.15
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