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Prototype App & Exhibition

Nowadays, humans live with the pollution around them and pay less attention to them Humans cause various pollutions, some of which are even more powerful than ourselves, and sometimes destroy the human self, what is made by ourselves destroys us.

There are basically three types of pollution called water, air and noise pollution. Humans are the cause of widespread environmental pollution, directly and indirectly. People create water by releasing industrial waste to the surface. Emissions of harmful gases such as carbon, sulfur and nitrogen that cause air pollution. Aircraft noises, road traffic and construction contribute to noise pollution.

For this purpose, by presenting this exhibition, I have asked for more attention to this issue, and the important point for me has been to warn by presenting this project to grow and become stronger and to invade these pollutions against us. Creating a space to think for a moment about what is going on around us?


Suggested places to present:

- Azad Art Gallery 

- Mohsen Gallery 

- Dastan's Basement gallery 

- Shirin Art  Gallery

- Lajevardi Foundation Gallery 

- Museum of Contemporary Art 

- Iranian Artist's Forum




Recommended side programs:


- Selling natural drinks

- Selling seeds for tree planting

- Selling cloth bags (instead of using plastic bags) ‌


Invite suggested organizations for support and sponsorship: 

- Environmental Protection Organization

- Iranian Environmental Monitoring Association (PAMA) 

- Parsian Heritage Wildlife Institute 

- Green Land Institute of the Land 

- Municipality of Tehran 

- Artists supporting the environment 

- Environmental NGOs in Tehran Province

Fall 2017

Prof. Majid Abbasi

Vije School

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