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Project: Algorithm Alternative Album Cover
Supervisor: Peter Buczkowski
Role: Processing Designer
Date: 2021


The Alternative Band Album Cover project aims to generate unique and unpredictable images by utilizing the Random Walk algorithm. Developed using the Processing programming language, this project allows for the creation of an infinite number of album covers, each distinct from the previous one.

The Random Walk algorithm is primarily used for image segmentation. In this project, the image is represented as a graph, where each pixel corresponds to a node. The nodes are interconnected by edges that reflect the similarity between neighboring pixels. The algorithm assigns weights to these edges, enabling the generation of visually appealing and diverse album covers.

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 2.39.17 PM.png

By incorporating the Random Walk algorithm, the code generates new and unpredictable images each time it is executed. This feature allows artists and designers to explore endless possibilities and create a wide variety of album covers with a distinct aesthetic.

The inherent nature of the Random Walk algorithm ensures that the album covers created through this project are truly unique. The code's ability to generate an infinite number of images means that artists can constantly discover new and inspiring visuals for their alternative band's album covers.

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