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Dotorona is a Prototype book for kids (about Coronavirus (COVID-19)). Children play an important role in society. They were struggling with their fears and anxieties because of Corona's state. To make it easier, we can let them know. The best way is to tell a story. The prototype book tells a story with animations. There is some Interaction for more entertainment and understanding for kids. In my opinion, this method not only helps children to better understand the situation but also leads to the formation of a relationship and cooperation with parents. This book has a main character called Dotorona.

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The prototype utilizes storytelling as a means to provide children with a better understanding of the situation. By incorporating animations, interactive elements, and engaging features, the app book entertains and facilitates comprehension for young readers. The creation of a relatable main character, Dotorona, forms a foundation for building a relationship and promoting cooperation between children and their parents. The development process involved sketching the character, writing the story, designing the storyboard, and ultimately creating the app.

Project: Dotorona
Supervisor: Prof. Tanja Diezmann
Role: Visual Design and animation
Date: 2020

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