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Nowadays, humans live with the pollution around them and pay less attention to them Humans cause various pollution, some of which are even more powerful than ourselves, and sometimes destroy the human self, what is made by ourselves destroys us.

There are basically three types of pollution called water, air, and noise pollution. Humans are the cause of widespread environmental pollution, directly and indirectly. People create water by releasing industrial waste to the surface. Emissions of harmful gases such as carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen cause air pollution. Aircraft noises, road traffic, and construction contribute to noise pollution.


The Invasion app is designed to raise awareness about the various forms of pollution that surround us and urge individuals to take action. The app highlights three main types of pollution: water, air, and noise pollution, all of which are caused by human activities either directly or indirectly. By presenting this exhibition, the goal is to draw attention to these issues and emphasize the need for collective action to combat and overcome these pollutions.


In addition to the exhibition, the Invasion app also recommends several side programs to further promote environmental consciousness. These include selling natural drinks as an alternative to packaged beverages, selling seeds for tree planting to support reforestation efforts, and offering tote bags as an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags. These initiatives aim to encourage sustainable choices and contribute to the overall mission of combating pollution.


By creating a space for reflection and providing practical solutions, the Invasion app seeks to foster a greater understanding of the environmental challenges we face and inspire positive change in individuals' behavior and lifestyle choices.

Project: Invasion

Supervisor: Majid Abbasi

Role: App and Event Designer

Date: 2017

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