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Client: Kisura
Role: Graphic Designer
Date: 2023

KISURA embodies a vision of personal style made effortlessly accessible. As a pioneering online styling service, we redefine the fashion experience by curating outfits that echo individuality and confidence. Our dedicated team of stylists understands that true beauty emanates from feeling comfortable in your skin. We're on a mission to empower women of all backgrounds, styles, and personalities to embrace their uniqueness. Through personalized consultations and a carefully curated selection, we deliver tailored fashion that transcends trends, celebrating the authenticity of each woman. At KISURA, we believe in the transformative power of style, where fashion becomes a medium of self-expression and empowerment.

cardpostal template-01 copy.jpg

Utilizing KISURA's classic design and signature colors, I've crafted an exclusive postcard and Instagram story to invite customers to their spectacular sale. These visuals blend timeless elegance with modern allure, inviting everyone to explore a world where style meets individuality. Join in celebrating your unique fashion journey with KISURA's iconic design and colors.

Kisura- Instagram story.jpg
Kisura template02.jpg
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