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UI & Interaction Design

Project: Lia's Collection
Supervisor: Prof. Peter von Maydell
Role: Interface & Interaction Designer
Date: 2020



Trend Fashion by Lia is a dynamic website dedicated to showcasing the latest styles and fashion trends. Lia, a renowned model, represents the trend collection of spring and summer 2020 for popular brands like ZARA, H&M, and DIOR. This website is designed for web users who have a keen interest in following fashion blogs and staying up to date with the latest trends.



  1. Spring Chapter / Summer Chapter: The website is organized into distinct chapters, highlighting the spring and summer fashion collections. Users can easily navigate between these chapters to explore the latest trends for each season.

  2. Choose Your Favorite: Within each chapter, users have the option to choose their favorite looks showcased by Lia. By clicking on their preferred outfit, users can access detailed information and visuals of the specific style.

  3. Trend Color in Style: One of the prominent features of the website is the focus on-trend colors. Lia's collection incorporates the latest color palettes for the season, allowing users to discover and embrace the trending hues in fashion.

  4. Awareness of Product Details: To ensure an informed shopping experience, the website provides comprehensive product details for each showcased outfit. Users can access information such as fabric composition, sizing, and available color options, enabling them to make well-informed fashion choices.

  5. Zoom Functionality: To closely examine the intricate details of Lia's outfits, the website offers a zoom feature. Users can zoom in on specific parts of the images, such as patterns, textures, or accessories, to gain a better understanding of the overall styling.

  6. Direct Links to Brands' Websites: To streamline the shopping process, the website provides direct links to the respective brand websites. Users can conveniently click on the desired outfit or product and be directed to the brand's official website for further exploration or purchase.


Trend Fashion by Lia is a user-friendly website catering to fashion enthusiasts who seek inspiration and information about the latest trends. With its organized chapters, the option to choose favorite looks, emphasis on-trend colors, detailed product information, zoom functionality, and direct links to brand websites, the platform offers a comprehensive and seamless experience for users to stay updated and explore the world of fashion.

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