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Photo:Mario Toneguzzi

Swatch watches have become iconic timepieces celebrated for their fusion of art, fashion, and Swiss precision. These wristwatches transcend mere timekeeping, offering a canvas for self-expression. With their bold designs, Swatch watches effortlessly blend functionality and style. Whether you seek a vibrant burst of color, a sleek minimalist look, or a statement piece that reflects your personality, Swatch has you covered. Each Swatch watch tells a story, from their playful, innovative designs to their reliable Swiss craftsmanship. They've become not just watches, but timeless accessories that accompany individuals on every journey, making a statement and keeping time in style.


For tennis players participating in the Olympic Games in London 2012, Swatch introduces a specially designed watch that embodies the spirit of the sport. Inspired by the tennis court, the watch features a unique design with a tennis ball showcased in the center, symbolizing the energy and precision of the game.

Project: Packaging
Supervisor: Firat Tuzunkan
Role: Package Designer

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